"Keep the authentic british cafe racers alive"

"Keep the authentic british cafe racers alive" is the thought that has driven the passion behind the creation of the motor brand Icon. The best combination of two worlds, this theorem played an important role in the emergence of caferacen in the second half of the 1950s in England. The idea of bringing together the best of several motorcycle brands is perhaps never recounted.

The central point of the creation of the café-bars is the London's ACE cafe. A legendary rock and roll cafe with a motor culture, it starts in 1938 and closes in 1969. But cafe racing means more than motorcycling, it's a "way of live". It is a young group of people, living in a rock and roll culture that is entirely in line with the 1960s outlets against the crowd. One wanted to impress with the engines, which was not possible with standard engines. It could have been with the Goldstar Clubman and the Norton International but these two were too expensive, the self merging of the best of 2 engines brands was the solution. 

Change in time and the rise of the Japanese motor industry caused the extinction of the caferacer era. Icon motor cycles keep a history that should not be lost.
Icon motor cycles let people desire freedom, the rebellious, it fills desire for sentiment. Icon motor cycles is emotion, where we are passionate about ourselves.